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    Q:  Do ABC’s services cost my company anything?
    A:  No.  Your current premium allocates for broker commissions, whether you use a broker or not!
    Q:  Our premiums went through the roof this year!  How can your firm prevent that?
    A:  Unfortunately, we cannot prevent rising health care premiums.  What we can do is analyze the various carriers we work with, to see if we can get you similar coverage at greater savings.
    Q:  My Company just completed its open enrollment. Do we have to wait until next year to use your services?
    A:  No.  You can designate ABC as broker immediately and benefit from our services ASAP.
    Q:  Our Company already uses a broker, why should we change?
    A:  Experience.  Most brokers have little or no direct healthcare experience.  With over a decade of direct healthcare experience with a nationally ranked HMO, ABC gives you the experience you deserve.
    Q:  Our Company handles its benefits directly with the insurance carrier.  Why change?
    A:  Today’s health care market is continually changing.  ABC stays abreast of the changes to ensure that our clients stay well informed.
    Q:  My Company only has a few employees.  Can your firm represent small businesses?
    A:  Yes.  Any company with at least two employees qualifies for group coverage and can use ABC’s services.
    Q:  My Company gets its health benefits from the Chamber of Commerce.  Why should we use ABC instead?
    A:  Chamber of Commerce plans can be restrictive in that you must choose from the plans they offer.  You may end up paying for coverage you neither want nor need.  ABC consults with you to “custom tailor” a benefit plan specific to your wants and needs.
    Q:  If our company decides to utilize ABC’s services and at a later date we decide to terminate that relationship, what is our company’s obligation to your firm?
    A:  We’re confident you’ll be pleased with our services.  However, if you choose to terminate the relationship, you have no obligation whatsoever. 
    Q:  Our broker advised us not to change carriers, even though another carrier has better rates right now.  Why would that be?
    A:  Too many brokers have become too cozy with the insurance companies.  Some brokers are actually held hostage to specific insurance carriers because of biased compensation schemes, or the amount of business they place with certain carriers.  ABC remembers we work for the client, not the insurance company.  ABC puts the client first, where they belong! 

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